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Wasp Control

Despite their reputation for being aggressive, wasps only sting during the summer months when they are under threat so avoid swatting when they are exploring food items or drinks containing sugar. During the autumn when they begin to die, wasps are more likely to sting whilst searching for sugary food that helps preserve their energy.

Horsham Pest Control provides a prompt, safe and responsive control service that helps rid your property of wasps:

Protecting Families from Potential Wasp Stings

Stings from common and social wasps hurt but for those with allergies, the prospect of suffering from anaphylactic shock and life-threatening effects causes concern. Horsham Pest Control reduces these risks by taking adequate precautions during the treatment and removal of wasp nests. We recommend that anybody feeling unwell after a wasp sting should seek immediate medical advice.

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Customer Reviews
Number one Pest control
Removed bees nest

Excellent service; responsive; good valve.
Customer in Broadbridge Heath, 13 June 2014
To repel bees

Arrived promptly and carried out necessary work to entire satisfaction.
Customer in Horsham, 13 May 2014
Remove bundle bees

I would recommend this company. Punctual and complete.
Customer in Horsham, 13 May 2014
Mice in attic, wasp nest and hornet nest

Very helpful and sorted the problem for us. Thank you.
Customer in Pulborough, 17 April 2014
Pest Control

Contentious, informative and as our business and standards have grown he has kept up with us as well.
Customer in Horsham, 17 March 2014
Pest Control

He is very good, punctual and polite. He's the best you have used.
Customer in Horsham, 24 February 2014